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Gator Water Polo Club - Team Highlight

April 30, 2019 0 Comments

Gator Water Polo Club


David Huelsman of Gator Water Polo Club


Team Name: Gator Water Polo Club

Location: Gainesville, Florida

Head Coach: David Huelsman

Team Size: 60+

Age group: 10/12U, 14U, 16/18U


1. When and why was your team founded?

We were founded in April 2013, because there was no youth water polo in North Florida.


2. What makes your team special?

I think what makes our team special is the fact that we are the furthest north team in the state of Florida. This has been a great challenge for our program, to not really have any teams to play against without traveling.


3. What was the inspiration for your team gear?

Trish. She has always been amazing at designing our gear.


4. Greatest moment of achievement so far as a team?

Our first venture to Sunshine State Games, the Florida Championship, we went and got destroyed. But, the kids had a blast just being able to play water polo.


5. Any athletes that went on to swim, play  at the collegiate level, or overseas?

We have several that attend and play water polo at the University of Florida. We also have a girl playing for the UNC club team.


6. What would your athletes say is the best part about being on the team?

Our athletes all love being able to play water polo. So water polo is the best part. Our athletes didn’t have the opportunity to play water polo before our club was built.


7. What meet or tournament does your team look forward to each year?

The Sunshine State Games, which is the Florida Championships.


8. Any big plans for the future of your team?

Continued growth, is our main goal. We want to add more high schools to the area, as well as grow in the 10/12U age group within the next few years.

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