Ricardo Urbina Bio







Full Name: Ricardo Urbina

Age: 40

Height: 5'8

Sport/Race: Triathlon and Prone Paddling

Instagram Handle: @rwurbina





Athletic: 4x Ironman World Championship 4x Ironman 70.3 World Championship Ironman PR 9hrs 32min Coaching: Helped Age Group triathletes of all levels accomplish their dream

When did you first start your sport and/or start coaching?

I started triathlon in 2004 after I finished Business School. I wanted to do something fun and challenging so in July 2006 I decided to do my first Ironman European Championship in Germany. As soon as I crossed the finished line I knew I wanted to become a World Class Triathlete. Ironman has provided me a platform to have consistency in my life and to travel all over the world. I had done at least an Ironman in every continent in the world except Antarctica (I don't think they have a race there). I started coaching a few years ago and it has been very rewarding. I love the opportunity of making a difference in my athletes’ life every day.

Where are you training and/or coaching right now?

At the moment I am focusing in helping some friends and athletes train for some hefty goals. Some of my athletes are training to qualify for the Ironman World Championship and others just want to lose weight and find a way to live a consistent healthy life. Recently I have been prone paddling as a guide for our Rough Water Swimming Team at the Olympic Club. Last year our team decided to do every year one of the Ocean Seven Crossings. Last year we did the Catalina Crossing and this year we are swimming from Molokai to Oahu.

What motivates you or gets you pumped up?

Doing things that seem to be impossible at first glance get me excited. I love looking at a big project and coming out with a plan to make a goal a reality. The grind of endurance events is something that turns me on.

What is the best advice you've received?

1-    Write down your goals

2-     Make a plan

3-    Only focus on what you can control

4-     Keep a journal

Are there any significant experiences you've encountered as an athlete or coach that have made an impact on you?

Living and training with some of the best professional triathletes in the world really shaped the way I approach big projects. I learned to always give 100% and pay attention to detail.

What is your favorite memory as an athlete or coach?

Ironman World Championship in 2015. It was not my fastest race but everything that day was perfect for me to have an amazing race. My preparation with friend and mentor Torsten Abel was very dialed and I had the patience to follow my plan all day long. It was not easy to overcome the big obstacle of racing in the heat and humidity of Kona, but the preparation was perfectly done.

What is your favorite RYTE Sport product? Why is it your favorite?

Custom RYTE Briefs with my name on them.

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