James Arthur Bio

Full Name: James Arthur


Age: 30

Height: 5'10"

Sport/Race: Water Polo, Gymnastics, Jet Skiing, Swimming, Cliff Diving
Social Media Handle: @thejamesarthur
When did you first start your sport and/or start coaching?
I started gymnastics when I was 6 years old, and  I've also coached gymnastics for about 7 years. However, I've been in the water since I was 15. 
Where are you training and/or coaching right now?
I’m a part of a water polo club in south Devon, England. I also happen to be a bit of a gym rat.
What motivates you or gets you pumped up?
I am a huge supporter of "nothing is impossible". I love helping others to believe and recognize that they can achieve their dreams too. When I am in the gym, I often keep in mind that others can follow in the wake of what ever I achieve. This stems from my family's involvement in gymnastics. My niece is currently ranked 5th in the 16-and-under age group in England, and I’m so thrilled that she’s taking up that mantle top of nothing is impossible.
What is the best advice you've ever received?
That honouring those I compete with will take me further than any finish line.
Are there any significant experiences you've encountered as an athlete or coach that have made an impact on you?
I’ve learned to really observe my coaches and captains over the years because there have been many times where I’ve seen better results from athletes when there’s been less shouting and more listening. I loved the times in water polo where we were just hanging out on the pool deck with the team and coach laughing about different plays during the match with no ill feelings.
What is your favorite memory as an athlete or coach?
It’s a simple one. When I was first learning how to do a handstand with my brother-in-law as my coach. Tender times haha.
What is your favorite RYTE Sport product? 
Tony Azevedo Signature Suit and muscle shirt !
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